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Long term unbalanced use of chemical fertilizers led to soil acidification, reduced availability of vital nutrients and destruction of beneficial organisms. Due to continued soil degradation, rate of growth in foodgrain production has drastically reduced during the last decade. This is mainly attributed to rapid depletion of soil organic matter and soil's vital flora and fauna. To reinviogerate the life into soil, scientists have come up with novel technology using natural microorganism as inputs. These technologies need to be propagated and promoted in big way to keep the rate of growing keeping parity with growing demand. 

Our company AKALPURKH ADVANCED FARMING INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED was established in 2018. We manufacture, supply, distribute and export Organic Fertilizers, Plant Growth Promoters, Soil Conditioners, Sulphur WDG, Micronutrients and Bio Fertilizers. Our production facility in  Hoshiarpur district in the Indian state of Punjab  spans over 25,000 sq feet. 

The products of company have been well received by the farmers of the state and have occupied the prime position among the products supplied by various other firms. The company’s policy is to provide the best of the products and never compromise with the quality, which is evident from regular sample tests of the products at Government label from time to time. Our team includes agriculturalists, horticulturists, pest control experts have in-depth knowledge & their professional skills help us in bringing forth a quality range. Our skilled business ethics and easy payment options have enabled us to serve a huge client base. 

With the growth in population and increasing pressure on land, the need for intensive agriculture was recognized and green revolution was brought in. It was based on monoculture of high yielding varieties supported by chemical fertilizers & pesticides. 

Chemical Division

* Akalpurkh Advanced Farming Industries Private Limited is one of the fastest growing Pharmaceutical Drug Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals manufacturing Company in India.

* Organic Manufacturers, Supplies, Distributes & Exportes Drug Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals. The company has a strong team of Technocrats & Chemists for the synthesis of Drug and Organic Intermediates for Supply to Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies in Domestic Market and for Export.

* The CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) plant is Hoshiarpur district in the Indian state of Punjab  having very good infrastructure in the chemical zone. 

* Organic Has wide experience in Indian and International market and the company meets the requirements of Regulatory agencies.


 * Very high cost of synthetic fertilizers needs replacement.

* Organic Fertilizers and Bio-fertilizers play nutritional, stimulatory & therapeutic role for plant growth through secretion of growth promoting substances.

* Organic and Bio-fertilizers suppress the growth of saprophytic and pathogenic micro-organisms near the root system of crop plants and reduce damage by fungal diseases.

* Organic and Bio-fertilizers help in increasing crop yield from 10 - 30% in general.

* Organic and Bio-fertilizers improve quality of crop produce.

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